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Danielle Ni Dhighe danielle at irsm.org
Tue Sep 3 14:44:54 MDT 2002

At 05:56 AM 9/3/2002, D OC wrote:
 >Despite my respect for the IRSP - a foreign reader
 >must be very clear that there is a qualitative
 >difference in it and SF.

We should indeed be very clear that there is a qualitative difference
between SF and the IRSP.  The IRSP has not retreated from the core values
of republican socialism nor are any of our members sitting in a British
Executive implementing social austerity measures.

I recently met some IRSP members from Dublin who had originally been in
SF.  They all came over to us after the GFA was implemented, when it was
clear that SF was retreating from both republicanism and socialism.  One of
them was forced out after giving a rousing anti-GFA speech at a SF Ard-Fheis.

 >SF has a grouping in virtually every village in the
 >North and increasingly in virtually every town in the

True.  What I look at, though, is what SF is doing, not how many supporters
it has.  If we base our decisions on number of supporters, we may as well
pack it in and join Fianna Fail or the Ulster Unionist Party, the two
largest parties in the two statelets.

Further, it's fair to say that those of us who advocate socialism are a
minority in most places.  Should we pack it in and become supporters of
capitalism?  That is the logical conclusion of the argument you're using.

An alleged socialist party has no place in supporting capitalism nor do its
members have any place in implementing neo-liberal economic policy.  If
Ministers McGuinness and De Brun were using their positions to fight for
more radical policies, you might have a point - but they're not.

 >the decisive battle for militant republicanism is occuring
 >within the Republican Movement.

Which one?  I don't believe in the idea of One True Republican
Movement.  Rather, there are several republican movements.

 >In Dublin, the movement is growing massively - mostly youths
 >from lower to middle- working-class areas and the universities
 >- in the rural areas in the Republic we are also expanding rapidly.

What you seem to be missing is that this expansion is occurring after SF
retreated from the core values of both republicanism and socialism.  So,
yes, SF is gaining more support, but certainly not because it's the
vanguard of the coming republican socialist revolution In Ireland.

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