Differing Road Maps

Paul Moloney pmoloney1969 at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Sep 4 10:12:35 MDT 2002

I have been interested in the discussion on road
maps to the future (Ireland).

Whereas I do worry about Domhnall's optimism
about the road map and see Declan Kearney's
piece (although Domhnall was honest enough to
say he had problems with it) as nearly something
akin to how major policy changes were introduced
in the WP before the DL split, I do find it
interesting that Philip's road map is this.

> The big task now is bring together all the best
> elements of the anti-Good Friday forces -
> Bernadette, IRSP, IRWG and others - into a
> single party and then form a united front (a
> real one, not a NZ type leftie one) with the
> militant republican groups which oppose GFA
> but are not Marxists (RSF/CIRA, 32-County
> Sovereignty Movement/RIRA) and also try to
> get the CIRA and RIRA to cease fire for a while
> coz they have no support at all for their military
> activity and the result is that most of their armed
> actions, mainly bombings, have been total
> disasters.

> It's necessary to rebuild politically before
> armed struggle becomes viable again.

It should be fun to get trying to get them all
I was also surprised that Danielle didn't have
anything to say about this in light of the IRSP
Bodenstown statement which states:

> Other Republicans believe that the continuation
> of armed struggle will bring about a Republic.
> That by clinging to absolutes they can by the
> purity of their principles convince the "people" to
> back them. They are wrong. Thirty years of
> armed struggle did not succeed. Instead it led
> to a severe defeat of the Republican struggle.
> It is time to say that. The good guys lost the war.
> Going back to methods that have failed is not
> the answer.

And the Easter statement which said:

> This movement took the extremely difficult
> decision to recognise that the will of the Irish
> people was for the implementation of the GFA
> and for peace. We acted accordingly and the INLA
> ceasefire has been as solid as any. We have
> respected the wishes of the Irish people.

Well I suppose Philip did finish by saying:

> I hope to go back there next year for a while, meet
> up with a lot of people and get a better idea.

Here's hoping you do - get a better idea.



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