DSP and the Australian Socialist Alliance

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Sep 4 10:32:16 MDT 2002

>It is possible that this is an ill-though through but
>sincere offer. It seems just as likely, though, that
>this is simply a move to take sole ownership of the
>Australian Socialist Alliance, split its major "ally"
>and pick up a few of the independents. Which
>explanation better fits DSP practice?
>Is mise le meas
>Brian Cahill

Actually, you seem a rather poor judge of the DSP or the British SWP, all
in all. Although both have been constrained by bad habits handed down since
the 1920s, they (and the Bensaid wing of the FI) seem more open to new
party-building ideas than the calcified CWI. I say this despite the
bureaucratic treatment meted out to the American ISO by the British leaders
of the SWP. The fact that these tendencies can move even slightly toward
some forms of regroupment is a hopeful sign. Meanwhile, the CWI continues
as if nothing has changed since 1922 or so. Even the Catholic Church can
change with the times, although I do love the sound of Latin.

Louis Proyect

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