DSP and the Australian Socialist Alliance

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Sep 4 11:41:12 MDT 2002

>As usual Louis you shift your focus as you go along.
>Why don't I repeat my questions to you, in case you
>missed them:
>1) Who are the DSP supposedly "uniting" with?
>2) Who are they negotiating with?
>3) Given their history and the unilateral way in which
>they have made this proclamation is the view that they
>are actually consolidating their control of the SA,
>trying to pick up some of the independents and
>simultaneously to split their main "ally" just as
>reasonable an interpretation as taking them at face
>The answers to those questions as far as I am
>concerned are (1) nobody (2) nobody and (3) either
>option is possible and only time will tell. Where do
>you differ?

I differ from you and them both. The difference is that I can have a dialog
with them, while I regard people like you beyond the pale. In the
discussions about DSP perspectives here, Shane Hopkinson was not afraid to
stake out a position that differed somewhat from DSP orthodoxy. With you it
is like talking to a parrot in a Monty Python sketch.

Louis Proyect

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