DSP and the Australian Socialist Alliance

Richard Fidler rfidler at cyberus.ca
Wed Sep 4 12:43:02 MDT 2002

What the DSP is now proposing to the Socialist Alliance in Australia is very
similar to the maneuver carried out by the ex-Militant tendency (CWI) in
Scotland a few years ago, which resulted in the formation of the Scottish
Socialist Party. This experience is cited in John Percy's letter. Percy and
other DSP leaders have attended SSP activities, and the SSP and DSP identify
closely with each other.

The Scottish fusion was conducted following a bitter debate and split within
the CWI, with the Scottish section breaking away to form the SSP. The CWI
was by far the biggest founding component in the SSP. In fact, the
relationship of forces between the ex-CWI and other currents and individuals
within the Scottish Socialist Alliance was not dissimilar from that between
the DSP and others within the Austrialian Socialist Alliance.

For documentation on this dispute, visit


and go to "News from the ISM". The ISM, or International Socialist Movement,
is a Marxist Platform within the SSP. Besides its website, it publishes
Frontline, a bimonthly journal.

Richard Fidler

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