John O'Neill johnfergaloneill at
Wed Sep 4 17:46:32 MDT 2002

I have alot of respect for Brian Cahill's organisation in Ireland the
Socialist Party, as they are largely working class with many respected TU
activists who have proven their worth in a number of TU disputes. The SP in
Ireland has a working class membership, the SWP (the next biggest socialist
party) appears largely to be based in Universities. IMO this connection has
made the SP a more grassroots organisation, with a greater potential to
grow.  I'm less excited/interested in the CWI, particularly when they seem
to rubbish certain organisations apparantly because of their history rather
than what they are actually doing. For example the constant labelling of the
SSP as reformist pisses me off. I have read the SSP newspaper and I will
challenge anyone to tell me the activities of the SSP are anyway different
than the SP's in Ireland. The SSP are effectively a socialist alliance in
Scotland and now the DSP seem to be discussing a similar alliance. It looks
to me as if  some of the CWI leadership are worried the writing may be on
the wall.......

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