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d.stijnoosterlynck at lancaster.ac.uk wrote:

>As a young alterglobalisation activist myself I would rather say the opposite.  Most of the revolutionary left organisations - from whatever tendency they are -seem to me to be almost useless from the viewpoint of a struggle for anotheer and better world.  The infighting (as present for example in this discussion) that characterizes the activities of these revolutionary groups actually scares away a lot of people.  While trying to increase their market share (indeed, a very appropriate word), these groups reduce the total amount of people that are willing to engage themselves in revolutionary groups.

I am afraid that I have to agree with you. When I said that they perform
a useful function by introducing some young person to the abc's of
socialism, I was damning with faint praise so to speak.

>The new evolution on the revolutionary left in Australia strikes me as very insignificant.
That all depends. The DSP is the largest left group in Australia. If
they are sincere about a new orientation, this could be a significant

>than hundred years).  Wouldn't it perhaps be better to let all these 'groupuscules' die (will the last one close the door please?) and do something substantive to change the world (however limited the result or progress).
If the choice is between them persisting in their sectarian folly and
disappearing, I of course favor disappearing. But if they can transform
themselves into a genuine Marxist formation that is open to broad unity,
then I would favor that. We already have an example of that with the
Scottish Socialist Party, which was launched by sectarians but has
become something much broader and relevant.

>(I am aware of the rather provocative tone of my message and the fact that I am 'bending the stick' here, but knowing that a clear-cut, one-sided argument
>provokes more discussion than a complex argument, I hope some people will feel urged to explain me what the use of these kind of discussions is).
Just lay off the Mormon stuff.


Louis Proyect

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