Differing road maps

Philip Ferguson plf13 at student.canterbury.ac.nz
Wed Sep 4 20:09:22 MDT 2002

Paul Moloney seems to have rather misread my comments.

The criticisms the IRSP made of republicans at Bodenstown and elsewhere
was of *those who are continuing the armed struggle at this point in
time, without any political support*.

I specifically did not suggest regroupment with these people in one party.

I suggested regroupment of the IRSP with people like Bernadette, the
IRWG and a layer of left-republicans who, having left SF and/or IRA,
currently belong to no organisation.

I further suggested that *after* such a regroupment would be the time to
look to forming a united front with groups like RSF and the 32-County
Sovereignty Movement.

Given that the IRSP proposed a united front around the national question
to the same kinds of forces in the late 1970s, before Paul Moloney's
current murdered Seamus Costello, I don't think there is anything funny
or odd in assuming such a united bloc might be possible today.

If Paul Moloney has a better idea about the way forward, I'm sure we'd
all love to hear it.


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