Cannon joke and is the SSP reformist?

Jose G. Perez jgperez at
Wed Sep 4 21:57:12 MDT 2002

>On the SSP and "reformism", the SSP doesn't claim to
be a revolutionary organisation. Its leadership
describes it as a broad socialist party or a militant
socialist party or even a combat socialist party but
never as a revolutionary socialist party. If our
description annoys you John, feel free to ask the ISM
for a better one :-)<

And what is the *significance* of this group describing/not describing
itself as "revolutionary"?

When the Cuban workers expropriated the bourgeoisie in the summer and fall
of 1960, none of the Cuban leaders were out there explaining about socialism
and how it was necessary to make a socialist revolution and so forth and so
on, but it was a socialist revolution nonetheless.

Politics is about social forces in motion, not oracular truth telling.

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