DSP and Socialist Alliance

Philip Ferguson plf13 at student.canterbury.ac.nz
Wed Sep 4 23:17:47 MDT 2002

I have been asked to forward this to the list by a member of the
Brisbane Socialist Alliance.  He is not a member of any left current at
present and has no particular disliking for the DSP.  He has, however,
been arguing for a stronger SA orientation to the unions and workplaces:


would you mind forwarding this to marxmail?

Jose's portrayal of the dsp 'unity' drive isn't as benevolent as what he
suggests. While supporting the proposal in principle, there are some
deep and
serious concerns that the process for amalgamation is significantly
flawed, and
if followed will lead not to a unified left, but a rebadged dsp. DSP's
is that after broad debate, a decision is to be taken by the dsp
congress in January. If that gets up the dsp dissolve themselves into
SA, the
GLW will become the publication of SA. This to happen five months before
the SA
national conference. The dissolving of dsp into SA is going to hang
heavy over
each and every discussion, article, debate, etc in that time. Kind of
like a
groom nervously waiting at the alter, checking his watch, while the
bride hasn't
yet made up her mind!
There is no doubt there is a significant degree of organisational
goodwill shown
by the dsp (or at this point, their leadership) but the process doesn't
well for a free and unfettered discussion on the left. Debates on SA's
relationship to the left Victorian unions is one, of many, critical
debates that
needs to be had before any organisation, let alone the largest on the
starts dissolving itself.
A bit of political goodwill wouldn't go astray...

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