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Wed Sep 4 23:32:43 MDT 2002

The "Populists" were the farmers (and not a few workers)
mobilized in a last ditch defensive movement to
forestall the absolute hegemony of corporations and Big
Business in the U.S. This was in the early 1890s. The
contemporary pimps for the master class, of course, said
that the "populists" were not serious about their
critique of capitalism and were just spouting off as
demogogues to become more popular and win votes, etc.

After all, how could any "real" American hate capitalism?

If you want a fine old Stalinist tract on them, I think
it was Anna Rochester who authored one for the CP on the

As part of its general rewriting of American history in
the Cold War, the U.S. intelligencia resurrected this
general assault. Later, in the Nixonian years of "happy
news," media began using "populist" as a kind of
equivalent for "popular".

Do not emulate the imprecision of this journalist.  Do
hunt him down and hit him with a rubber chicken.

Mark L.

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