: (UK)SWP, CANF - spot the difference

Jose G. Perez jgperez at netzero.net
Wed Sep 4 21:36:01 MDT 2002

Paukl Flewers wrote:

>>the RCG's equating of left-wing criticisms of the Cuban regime with that
of the right-wing anti-communists is just the sort of sneaky and invalid
comparisons that the RCG's forebears in the 1930s used to make about
non-Stalinist left-wingers when the latter were criticising aspects of
Stalin's regime.<<

Comrade Paul missed the POINT.

Which is *precisely* that the British SWP's criticisms of Cuba were in no
way "left wing" but rather recycled effluvia from the CIA sewer known as the
Cuban American National Foundation.

     During the discussion, an SWP hack invited the
     audience to look at a website to discover the truth
     about Cuba. When Rock around the Blockade
     members checked out the address he gave, it was
     the CANF website! Challenged to distinguish himself
     from Mas Canosa and CANF, Gonzalez blustered
     and then said 'But we support workers' rights!' Rock
     around the Blockade supporters' response was
     immediate: 'That's exactly what CANF say!'

Paul's vague mention of non-Stalinist left-wingers in the 30's criticizing
"aspects" of Stalin's regime inevitably evokes the memory of Trotsky. But
the analogy won't work. For one thing, Trotsky didn't go around urging
people to read the monarchist rags Russian gusanos were putting out in

The British SWP's denunciations of Cuba as simply another capitalist (albeit
"state capitalist") country are not at all comparable to Trotsky's campaign
to defend the Soviet Union against, first and foremost, imperialism, and
then the Stalinist misleaders. The British SWP is for the *overthrow* of the
Cuban Revolution and the existing social and property relations on the
island. They are not defenders of the Cuban state, of the existing
socio-economic regime and the apparatus based on it. They do not criticize
"aspects" of the Cuban regime, as Paul seems to suggest by his analogy, but
are its enemies, lock, stock and barrel.

Sure the British SWP would say they "defend" Cuba against imperialism, but
really they mean that in the same sense that they might have said they would
defend Pinochet's Chile against imperialism.


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