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> 1) Against the illegalisation of Batasuna
> 2) Vienna: demonstration in support of Batasuna, against black list
> 3) "Any fair cause is an act of terror" - Political Statement of the
Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine
> 4) Why the CPP and NPA are not Terrorist Organizations - Statement of the
NDFP Negotiating Panel
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> 1) Against the illegalisation of Batasuna
> Faxismoari Stop! Batasuna aurrea!
> Garzon, PP, PSOE, European black lists, imperialist terror war - a web
targeting the basic democratic rights and peace
> On 26th of August the Spanish parliament approved the illegalisation of
Batasuna, the leading party of the Basque movement for self-determination.
An outright anti-Basque mafia ranging from the Popular Party, Social
democracy, their juridical instruments with the judge Garzon on its top, the
political media apparatus to the United Left (whose abstention make them a
accomplice) took the decision of a violent frontal attack against the Basque
popular movement. They used the new party law which explicitly has been
designed for this purpose (and opens at the same time the door for
proscribing any political opposition against the more and more
anti-democratic state of Spain). The so-called vanguard (according to the
PP) of the anti-Basque terror, judge Baltasar Garzon, already anticipated
the degree by ordering the closure of all party facilities and end of all
activities of Batasuna in the morning of the same day.
> According to the Spanish state 142.000 Basques, 11% of the electorate, are
terrorists! Numerous cultural, social, sportive, women's, youth associations
as well as elected political representatives, majors and members of
parliament - all of them terrorist! There is no doubt about the Basque
terrorism: the Basque people is terrorising imperialism with is popular
organisations, its independent posture, is not Americanised national
identity and its direct democracy.
> The crime committed by the Basque people is nothing else than to fight for
the condition for a democratic referendum by means of which the entire
Basque people can decide freely about their future thus exerting their
sovereignty. Batasuna stands not only for the national liberation but
intents to go further to Basque socialism based on social equality and
popular cultural identity, another crime for those pretending the end of
history. Batasuna's project of liberation is based on the support of the
most active parts of Basque society, first of all the youth and the popular
classes as well as the international solidarity of the anti-imperialist
> Minimal intelligence, a little knowledge of history and an elementary
democratic consciousness should be enough to realise that this political
conflict can only be resolved by recognising:
> 1) the people of Euskal Herria as the sovereign subject of democratic
> 2) the right to self-determination by means of a sovereign referendum for
all Basques under democratic conditions.
> Finally we want to point at the paradigmatic consequences of the
illegalisation of a democratic opposition party which is unprecedented in
the recent European history. It is the dramatic expression of the
application of the EU' black list affecting all the major liberation
movements of the world including the Palestinian and Colombian popular
resistance. But the so-called anti-terrorist war is also targeting the
elementary rights of the Muslim and Arab community of Europe of which many
are imprisoned without any charges let alone a trial. The black list is an
outright attack on the right to free opinion, to free expression, to
coalition and organisation, to opposition and to criticism.
> We call to stage protest demonstrations in front of the Spanish embassy
expressing our solidarity with Batasuna.
> At the same time we announce an international demonstration in Brussels on
October 26 for the lifting of the black list agreed upon during the
Anti-imperialist Camp in Assisi. The main victims of the list as DHKC, PFLP,
FARC will support the protest and their supporters will find a way to
participate defying the undemocratic law.
> Abolish the US' and EU' black list!
> For the right to self-determination to Euskal Herria!
> For the right to resistance against imperialism for the oppressed people!
> Down with the imperialist terror war!
> Anti-imperialist Camp
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> 2) Vienna: demonstration in support of Batasuna, against black list
> Following the short-dated call of the Austrian Anti-imperialist Camp about
50 people protested the recent illegalisation of the Basque Batasuna party.
The Turkish-Kurdish DHKC who also figures on the black list participated at
the protest as well as Basque and Palestinians immigrants.
> The rally started at the headquarters of the Austrian Broadcasting Company
ORF as it played an important part in the current which-hunt against the
liberation movement under the guise of the anti-terrorist crusade. Playing
the Basque song "Eusko Gudariak" the demonstration went to the Spanish
embassy where a range of speakers addresses the crowd calling for the
legalisation of Batasuna, for the abolition of the black list as well as
denouncing the newly implemented domestic laws restricting the democratic
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> 3) "Any fair cause is an act of terror" - Political Statement of the
Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine
> Every act the United States of America does in this universe, depends on a
Specific motto: "Fighting Terrorism". At first blush, the motto looks very
beautiful, human and leads directly to another beautiful title "forgiveness
and justice in the international and human relations". But, the fact as we
all know, that what the United States aim from raising this motto is
completely different, and far from its human meanings, because the USA is
the first country who practiced and still practices all shapes and hinds of
> Starting from native Americans extermination, slavery trade,
discrimination against blacks, Latin America's suppression, Vietnam and
Chinese India wars, Allende's assassination in Chile, the siege against
Cuba, the aggression against Libya, destroying Iraq, and finally supporting
the new Nazism State "Israel" by covering its war crimes against humanity,
and that when Mr. George W. Bush calls the "Israeli" war criminal Ariel
Sharon "a man of peace".
> Full story:
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> 4) Why the CPP and NPA are not Terrorist Organizations - Statement of the
NDFP (National Democratic Front of the Philippines) Negotiating Panel,
Utrecht, Netherlands
> We, the panel of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP)
negotiating with the Government of the Republic of the Philippines (GRP),
wish to inform the public in the Netherlands and the whole of Europe that
the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and the New People's Army (NPA)
are not terrorist organizations, contrary to the claims of the US
> The CPP and NPA are highly responsible political organizations. They are
major allied organizations within the NDFP, which so far the US government
has not designated as "terrorist" organization. They are revolutionary
organizations fighting for national liberation and democracy against US
imperialism and the local exploiting classes in the Philippines. In
extensive areas of the country, they undertake programs of mass
mobilization, public education and literacy, health and sanitation, land
reform, raising production, self-defense, cultural activities and so on.
> Full story:

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