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> "Shall I take that to mean you don't have anything with which to refute
arguments I made except to say the same things the SDLP used to say about
you lot (and still does on occasion)?"

My response: Danielle, I thought that I had addressed your issues. The core
issue for me is how to implement our vision - don't you agree. I think we
share the same objectives - the issue is how to go forward. What is the
IRSP's strategy to achieve a United 32 Co Socialist Republic?

Paul said:

"Whereas I do worry about Domhnall's optimism
about the road map and see Declan Kearney's
piece (although Domhnall was honest enough to
say he had problems with it) as nearly something
akin to how major policy changes were introduced
in the WP before the DL split,"

I don't know what I have said which is so 'optimistic' perhaps the fact that
I don't doubt the honesty of contributor's views. A friend said to me a few
days ago that the piece had a large dollop of 'stickyism' so I think you
might well be right there. Having said that, the article was meant to
challenge us who disagree to make the opposite case - Declan certainly
didn't shy away from including every hateful thing from coalition to
capitalist austerity, British rule and operating within Police Boards. In
the latter case, I think that our position is made very clear by the
existing policy document on the subject (96 I think it was adopted).

I am not sure whether you are criticising the method or rationale for the
issues in question. The key question is how do we get to our goal.

How's the anti-Nice campaign going down there - I think that they are
getting good coverage in the media. It will be interesting to see the first
opinion-poll - if we can defeat Nice the second time then this will really
be a historic achievement both for Ireland's Left and the whole of Europe.


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