: (UK)SWP, CANF - spot the difference

Richard Fidler rfidler at cyberus.ca
Thu Sep 5 07:01:28 MDT 2002

>> The British SWP is for the *overthrow* of the Cuban Revolution and the
existing social and property relations on the island. They are not defenders
of the Cuban state, of the existing socio-economic regime and the apparatus
based on it. They do not criticize "aspects" of the Cuban regime, as Paul
seems to suggest by his analogy, but are its enemies, lock, stock and

Sure the British SWP would say they "defend" Cuba against imperialism, but
really they mean that in the same sense that they might have said they would
defend Pinochet's Chile against imperialism.

José <<

But José, aren't there a lot of people in the organization you just joined,
Solidarity, who hold views on Cuba similar to those of the British SWP?

This is not to say that I think you were wrong to join Solidarity. But I do
look forward to your campaign within that group to clarify their position on
Cuba. Good luck!


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