Bard College and human rights imperialism

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Thu Sep 5 07:10:07 MDT 2002

No, I would prefer that you give the other side of the story as well. The
whole Human Rights spin on Yugoslavia was designed from the beginning to
serve militaristic ends. As many independent media analysts such as
Fairness and Accuracy in Media have pointed out, the first instance of
ethnic cleansing was organized by the Kosovars against Serbs. During one
outbreak, rioters beat up everybody they could find in the streets of
Pristina who was not of Albanian lineage. Even today, Serbs and Roma are
being harassed and brutalized in Kosovo. If people like yourself and George
Soros could separate yourself from the policy goals of the US State
Department for one minute, perhaps you'd be able to see this.

At 12:23 AM 9/5/2002 -0400, you wrote:

>Dear Mr. Proyect,
>It appears we disagree about many things, but I'm grateful that you had a
>look at the website. I remain quite happy about our project to make the
>Milosevic trial available to (a lot of) the world on the web, precisely
>because people have such different ideas about its meaning and stakes.
>Would you rather it remained invisible?
>Best, Tom Keenan

Louis Proyect

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