What's in the latest Green Left Weekly? #507 September 4, 2002

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             Green Left Weekly, Australia's socialist newspaper
                                 Issue #507
                             September 4, 2002

Green Left Weekly provides news, information, opinion and debate from an
environmental and left perspective.


Australia sent a delegation of 50 people, led by environment minister
David Kemp, to the World Summit on Sustainable Development in
Johannesburg. Green Left Weekly explains how this delegation has
promoted the defence of corporate profit-making at the expense of
environmental protection.



 * Australia undermines Earth Summit
 * ANC government represses protests


 * Telstra sell-off: Regional customers will suffer


 * PACIFIC: Australia blackmails Pacific Islands Forum
 * SWAZILAND: Opposition leader freed
 * Asia-Pacific news briefs
 * Should the NTEU support a boycott of Israel?
 * John Pilger: A war based on lies
 * AFGHANISTAN: The UN offers a fresh hell
 * UNITED STATES: What's behind right-wing anti-war dissent
 * UNITED STATES: Latest figures expose `new economy' hoax
 * INDONESIA: Timor trials exonerate military, police
 * INDONESIA: Unions fight IMF push for new labour laws


 * The student movement to free the refugees
 * Hundreds turn out for Skilled Six fundraiser
 * Nurses seek interim pay rise
 * Nelson review favours wealthy
 * Mine ignores Indigenous tribe
 * Basslink: a `waste of public money'


 * Protest flotilla targets threat to Morton Bay
 * John Howard shamed
 * Campuses protest on Tampa Day
 * Tampa Day at Fort Street high
 * Human rights all at sea
 * 3000 demand freedom for refugees
 * Tampa Day across Australia
 * Big turnout for refugee support meeting
 * Johnston addresses packed meeting
 * Close Pine Gap!
 * Socialist Alliance applies for registration
 * Socialist Alliance selects candidate
 * AMWU national council attacks militants
 * Rally calls for inquiry into Sandon Point sale


 * Bruce Springsteen: A hymn to humanity not patriotism
 * Creative and colourful solidarity with refugees
 * Steve Earle: Unrepentant rebel confronts war fever
 * Moving images from the Vietnam War


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