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Adam Levenstein cleon42 at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 5 07:55:29 MDT 2002

--- Louis Proyect <lnp3 at panix.com> wrote:
> The only problem with Solidarity, in my
> opinion, is that those with the most vociferous anti-Cuba perspective
> tend
> to dominate the pages of Against the Current, their monthly
> publication
> that I have been extremely critical of over the past 2 years or so
> around a
> range of questions.

Bi-monthly. I am, as some here are aware, building the Atlanta chapter
of Solidarity with Jose (and others). Keep in mind ATC is Dave Finkel's
baby, and he keeps it pretty close.

Solidarity actually has two bi-monthly publications; ATC and Solidarity
News (formerly Left Turn, until someone else grabbed the name for their
organization). We've found--and I think this might be indicative of the
younger people in Solidarity--that as an organizing tool, ATC is pretty
worthless. Solidarity News might be better if it came out more often,
which they're trying to do. We're also going to be putting out a local
monthly newsletter.

> I think it is extremely good that Jose has
> joined Solidarity. I would hope that he writes a long article
> refuting some
> of the garbage that Sam Farber has written in ATC.

Rest assured, Jose and I will be working to ensure that the pro-Cuba
wing of Solidarity isn't passive. :)


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