NBA today, IMF tomorrow!

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Thu Sep 5 13:38:30 MDT 2002

 From Nestor:

Thank you, Lou!

Hope your prediction takes place soon.

I am flying to Santiago del Estero now. This town is one of the homes of 
Argentinean basketball (Bahía Blanca being the other one), and I
hope to find a very happy city tody.

Send my regards to Mine and all the cdes. I know that you have felt this 
victory of the Arg. basket team as a victory of yours. Even
though the NBA still is and will remain the NBA for many many years ahead!

(BTW: in Buenos Aires, basket was introduced not only by the inventors, 
that is the YMCA, but also through many Jewish progressive
institutions. But this is very long ago...)

A hug,

Louis Proyect

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