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Fred Feldman ffeldman at
Thu Sep 5 18:57:47 MDT 2002

Well, it's official. The New York Times says so, and that settles it.

Bush is coming to the United Nations September 12 to demand that the
governments of the world support or, or at least submit to, the U.S. rulers
intention to attack Iraq.

I hope ANSWER, which is supporting the September 6-11 protest activities
called by Stand Up New York and others, has gone ahead with plans to get
permits for a protest as near as we can get to the United Nations.  Theresa
Gutierrez of ANSWER/IAC said at the Stand Up New York meeting Tuesday night,
where the upcoming Bush visit was discussed, that they would do so and work
in collaboration with others on a leaflet.

It seems clear to me that the protest of the Bush speech will culminate the
week of antiwar actovities countering the official organization of the
September 11 commemoration as a celebration of war and repression..  And
given the timing, it is also clear that the only way to make this protest
successful is to have the most successful, broadest and largest protests
possible during the preceding days, particularly the September 8 march from
Times Square and rally in Union Square and the September 10-11 vigil in
Washington Square Park.

Everybody out September 6-12!
Fred Feldman

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