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Dear Mark Jones,

Thanks to you and Lou giving a good account of Robert Biel's book and its

Speaking on Zed's behalf concerning the size and price, 370 pages in Royal
format is not a slim volume and US$25.00 is not an exorbitant price for a
book of this size, and this is the highest price Zed would charge in the
North. I can point out to you that we have a two-track policy in terms of
prices. In the North we charge a realistic price, or what we consider to be
realistic, but this goes a long way to subsidise the price in the South.
You may or may not know that books published by Zed are available in many
countries in the South at an accessible price to the local
population.  Again you may not know that Zed is a workers' cooperative and
most of us working here are politically motivated, but as we do not have
any sugar daddies, we need to get the political and the economic right. I
hope this addresses your concerns. If you need further elaborations, please
get in touch.

In solidarity.

Farouk Sohawon

Louis Proyect

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