Name-grabbing, Tendencies

Alex LoCascio alexlocascio at
Fri Sep 6 09:22:50 MDT 2002

Adam Levenstein scribbles:

"Solidarity actually has two bi-monthly publications; ATC and Solidarity
News (formerly Left Turn, until someone else grabbed the name for their

This is a pretty amusing thought, coming from an organization that took it's
name not only from a certain Polish trade union, but also from the
Philadelphia-based American co-thinkers of the French Socialisme ou Barbarie.

But good luck on upholding the pro-Cuban end of things.  This particular
Mandelite lost all illusions in ever being able to effect things for the
better, and there's even now a proposal in Solidarity's Fourth International
Caucus to open up FI membership to individuals in Left Turn and the SPUSA who
don't want to join Solidarity in order to do so.

Ironically enough, the Shachtmanites are screaming bloody murder about such a
"disloyal" motion, which puts the lie to their hocus-pocus democracy fetish as
expressed by Farber, Finkel, et al.  That, and their string of (unsuccessful)
Keystone kop attempts since 1994 to boot J0anna Misnik off of the national
leadership, based upon (horror of all horrors) her failure to embrace their
toy-town workerism.

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