Washington Debates Whether Castro Has Germ Weapons

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at qut.edu.au
Fri Sep 6 16:50:01 MDT 2002

At 09:07  6/09/02 +0100, Paul  wrote:
>He [Blair]really gets off on having a war, he
>loves it; there are plenty of domestic issues in Britain he could be
>addressing, but he's spending all the time abroad as Bush's runner.

I suppose it is the Christian in Blair that gives him such a buzz as he
climbs into the tank (metaphorically - he would fill his pants in a real
war situation).

Now of course why is he doing it? Well partly because there is simply
nothing he can do about the real problems you hint at.  The social
democratic framework within which he operates precludes him from tackling
racism and poverty and the super-exploitation of the work force.

Also he is really acting out yet another chapter in the Atlantic Charter
drawn up by Roosevelt and Churchill -  Britain & the USA against Europe.

That aside the truth it seems to me is that Blair is performing a really
evil role. He is running cover for the thugs in Washington.  He is the
articulate respectable face of the gangsters. Without him the reaction
against Bush & Co would be much deeper.  But that reaction is coming -do
not doubt it.  The booing of Powell at Johannesburg was especially
interesting for he is if anyone constructed as the "moderate" wing of the
Bush administration, yet he was publicly reviled.



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