DSP and Socialist Alliance

Alan Bradley abradley1 at bigpond.com
Fri Sep 6 16:44:13 MDT 2002

> From: Shane Hopkinson
> Alan is identified on this list as a DSP though he often prefaces his
posts with
> I'm not in the DSP...  Its good to see him identify as a member of
> Alliance (SA) but I one of the things that needs to change is these kinds
> characterisations of others in the Left - there may have been many ways to
> raise debate without dissolving into the SA and others on the left are not
> 'sectarians and dilletantes'.  Likewise his comments about Bob Gould as a
> paleo-trotskyist  are not useful if they are read as some kind of
indicator of
> the DSP's position.

As Shane noted, I am not in the DSP. I lapsed just prior to the formation of
the Socialist Alliance. I am not a member of the Socialist Alliance.

I will probably join the SA whenever I move to a town where there is an SA
branch. This is likely to be "never", as I have no particular plans to move.

My comments on and characterisations of other left groups and individuals
are my own. The ad hominem elements of my comments in response to Bob Gould
are largely a response to Gould's own distortions of the character of the
DSP. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to characterise Gould's political
tendency, since it doesn't actually exist. Organisationally, he is a
left-Laborite, pure and simple.

As far as sectarians and dilletantes go, well, it is a fact that they exist.
Hell, I could be a contender for both titles myself! Obviously, not all
other people on the left fit into these categories - if they did, there
wouldn't be any point talking to them.

There are many ways to raise debate, but such debate will _always_ be a
waste of time unless it is coupled with real proposals for action.

Alan Bradley
abradley1 at bigpond.com

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