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After noting on Mark's A-list that I got Robert's excellent book for $15
equivalent in South Africa a year or so ago, I went over to the Johannesburg
Workers Library bookshop and found many many other recent Zeds for $6.
Farouk, great cross-subsidisation (for us who are in the US$1,000/month
range and below), many thanks!


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> Dear Mark Jones,
> Thanks to you and Lou giving a good account of Robert Biel's book and its
> weaknesses.
> Speaking on Zed's behalf concerning the size and price, 370 pages in Royal
format is not a slim volume
> and US$25.00  is not an exorbitant price for a book of this size, and this
is the
> highest price Zed would charge in the North.  I can point out to you that
we have a
> two-track policy in terms of prices.  In the North we charge a realistic
price, or what
> we consider to be realistic, but this goes a long way to subsidise the
price in the
> South.  You may or may not know that books published by Zed are available
> many countries in the South at an accessible price to the local
> Again you may not know that Zed is a workers' cooperative and most of us
> here are politically motivated, but as we do not have any sugar daddies,
we need to
> get the political and the economic right.
> I hope this addresses your concerns.  If you need further elaborations,
please get in
> touch.
> In solidarity.
> Farouk Sohawon

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