DSP and Socialist Alliance

benj benj at connexus.net.au
Sat Sep 7 07:30:45 MDT 2002

I'm a "rank-and-file" DSP member. (I hold no positions on
leadership bodies at any level, currently). I'm very happy about
the SA proposal. When I heard the first informal announcement of
the general direction the Political Committee of the DSP was
suggesting I wasn't incredibly surprised but certainly pleased.
The DSP is currently in its pre-congress discussion and I was
trying to write a contribution arguing roughly the same as what
the DSP leadership has now proposed. Based on my own experience
and gut feeling about the process, and encouraged by the article
by Murray Smith (of the LCR, ex-SSP) that Steve Painter posted a
link to on Marxmail about a month ago (or more?). Now I'm going
to re-direct the contribution into a more practical suggestion of
ideas as to how the DSP's current practice needs to be changed to
fit a new environment/situation.

I think Alan Bradley and Jose Perez responded well to the various
detractors. I earlier tried to post something along similar lines
but it seems to have disappeared into a black hole in cyberspace
(did it bounce for some reason?). Anyway this brief note is the
substantial contribution I wanted to make.

Ben Courtice

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