The Faceless Face of Capitalism

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Sat Sep 7 09:21:35 MDT 2002

[I was frankly a bit stunned by the method this company used to fire 15,000
employees.  One does have to admire the efficiency of the method which
cleverly avoids the possibility of "unfortunate repurcussions" should so
many disgruntled employees receive the "sad news" in person, en masse.  I
then did a search on this company, only to find that "Fortune" had named
them one of the most "admired" companies in 2002!!!  They scored a perfect
10 in almost all categories, though only a "9" in social responsibility.
One wonders what a score of "5" might have meant! ]

Consolidated Freightways Corp. filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy September 3,
citing debts of more than $100 million. The trucking company's 15,500
employees learned of the news a day before when they dialed a toll-free
number and heard a recorded message from Consolidated President John
Brincko: "I have some extremely urgent and sad news to share with you
today.... Your employment ends immediately."

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