Quest for fire

Alan Bradley abradley1 at
Sat Sep 7 20:42:15 MDT 2002

> From: Louis Proyect
> Now I am certainly not a mind reader and have no idea what John Percy
> and other leaders of the DSP intend.

You don't have to be a mind reader. None of the DSP members that have posted
to the list on this topic came down in the last shower of rain. Most, if not
all, have been members for a decade or more, or at least very close to it.
They more or less accurately reflect what is going on in the DSP.

It's worth noting, incidentally, that they contradict each other on many
details, even though they share a common overall perspective. This is
because this discussion is continuing within the DSP itself, and the precise
details, (and _goals_ to some extent) are still being thrashed out.

The "Cannonism" bogey is mainly just that: a stick the DSP's opponents use
to beat it.

Alan Bradley
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