Quest for fire

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at
Sun Sep 8 18:59:29 MDT 2002

Alan wrote

>You don't have to be a mind reader. None of the DSP members that have posted
>to the list on this topic came down in the last shower of rain.

>Alan very few on this list came down in the shower.  The question is what
>is the meaning of what the DSP have proposed. We all have baggage
>here.  You from your unique position of being more loyal than the actual
>memebers of the DSP intially indicated that you wouold have voted against
>this proposal. You reminded me then of Joyce in Paris fearing that the
>news of Irish Independence wouold mean changes in the land he hated/loved.

>You have now it would seem swung behind the proposal and are pouring out
>invective on the heads of the doubters. Bob Gould is a long term
>revolutionary, who deserves better than the epithet 'paleo'.  Brian's
>criticisms are something more than 'drivel'.

My objections to Gould's position is that it takes us nowhere.  It is
really a sophisticated argument for the status quo. What if the worst case
scenario were true and the DSP simply intended and achieved the destruction
of the ISO? I would have to suck through a bucket of lemons before I could
look like I thought that was a shame.

I am still of the opinion that what the DSP intends is very worth while
examining with an open mind.  If that makes me naive, then so be
it.  Besides I honestly cannot see what we have to lose in this conjuncture.

Moreover I think to characterize the SA as 'reformist' is sloppy analysis.
It is to the left of anything that exists in Australia and that's a good
place to begin.



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