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Alan Bradley abradley1 at
Sun Sep 8 22:25:00 MDT 2002

From: Gary MacLennan
>You from your unique position of being more loyal than the actual
>memebers of the DSP intially indicated that you wouold have voted against
>this proposal. You reminded me then of Joyce in Paris fearing that the
>news of Irish Independence wouold mean changes in the land he hated/loved.

Although you have mentioned that I am not a DSP member, I am still going to
insert a disclaimer:
"I am not a member of any organised left group, and none of my opinions
should be interpreted as reflecting the opinions of any such group".

I intend to always include such a disclaimer in any post on this kind of
topic from now on.

The fact is I had gone on record, on this list, advocating a step of this
type well before the current proposal. So I'm kind of stuck with having to
support it _in general_. My problem is that I am not certain the timing is
right. I fear that at the present, this step will fail, and in fact cause
the collapse of the SA. So, provisionally, I would still vote against it,
unless I was convinced that this would not occur.

That said, most of the criticisms that have been thrown around are terrible
nonsense, and entail slanders against the DSP which I have objected to,
which brings me to your next point.

>You have now it would seem swung behind the proposal and are pouring out
>invective on the heads of the doubters. Bob Gould is a long term
>revolutionary, who deserves better than the epithet 'paleo'.  Brian's
>criticisms are something more than 'drivel'.

I've met Bob Gould. I've formed an opinion of him.

Brian's criticisms are essentially same-old, same-old sectarian stuff, of
the kind that has ensured that the Trotskyist movement has remained a farce
for so many decades.

> My objections to Gould's position is that it takes us nowhere.  It is
> really a sophisticated argument for the status quo.

Exactly. And the main beneficiary of this status quo is the ALP. Gould is
honest, I am sure, but more cynical arguments of the same type are bound to
come up from other pro-ALP types.

> What if the worst case scenario were true and the DSP simply intended and
> achieved the destruction of the ISO? I would have to suck through a bucket
> of lemons before I could look like I thought that was a shame.

It would be entirely politically pointless, and it would establish beyond a
doubt that the DSP are, indeed, sectarian dickheads. In fact, it would
destroy the DSP as well.

That doesn't mean that all is sweetness and light between the tendencies,
but it means that the DSP have bigger fish to fry, and aren't a bunch of
petty sectarians.

Alan Bradley
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