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> Steve Painter is right. The DSP, through Resistance Books, is publishing
> works by James P Cannon, and Trotsky, Lenin, Marx & Engels. A list of
> Resistance Books publications can be found at
> <>. These are part of our education
> program, which is based on a critical reading and thinking. This means
> we have a totally different appreciation of Cannon to that of several
> key contributers to this list. This is openly declared.
> There is, however, an ongoing debate on this list about "Cannonism",
> "Leninism" and what this means. It is a very interesting debate and it
> has transcended the expected name-calling and point-scoring. The DSP's
> views and political practice is up for anyone to criticise.

I don't think you can argue you have transcended the boundaries of
sectarianism until you include Mao and Stalin in your education programme.
But I'm glad to hear that the DSP is ready to receive criticism from anyone,
and in that spirit I want to argue that no revolutionary politics which
fails to explicitly address the issues of state power and of _political
legality_, ie, the question of the legal status of any self-described
revolutionary party--is going to get very far.

Mark Jones

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