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Mon Sep 9 06:01:36 MDT 2002

Nigel Irritable <nigel_irritable at yahoo.com> wrote

> How many revolutionary organisations are there in the,world with 5,000 members?
> There are none in Britian,none in France, none in Germany, none in the USA.
> I,would be surprised if there are any in Latin America.

If you mean CWI sections, maybe none. On the other hand I'm sure
plenty of people here can think of revolutionary organisations
that number thousands in Latin America, let alone the rest of the

FARC-EP, ELN, Cuban Communist Party, several of the leninist and
maoist factions in the Philippines, the PRD in Indonesia, the
CPI-ML (india), the Labour Party Pakistan, the ODP (Turkey),
several parties (I believe) in Bangladesh, the Communist Party of
Sudan... if you mean people (like the LCR, DSP or SWP) who are
"subjectively" revolutionary (not every day does one have the
opportunity to *prove* one's subjective intentions).

The list betrays my regional bias but I'm sure comrades on this
list could add many more. Unless Brian only means CWI sections of
course... !

Ben Courtice

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