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DSP discusses major initiative for left unity


On September 2, the Democratic Socialist Party's national
executive agreed to propose to the party's membership that
the DSP cease to operate as a public organisation from January
2003 so as to devote much more resources to building the
Socialist Alliance.

If the proposal is adopted by the party's 20th Congress, to
be held December 28-January 1, DSP members will devote all their
efforts to building and recruiting to the Socialist Alliance
rather than the DSP. The DSP will seek negotiations with the
Socialist Alliance national executive about taking as much of
the party's political and organisational assets into the Socialist
Alliance as is possible.

DSP members will continue to organise as an internal tendency
within the Socialist Alliance in order organise a transition
that ensures that the gains of its three decades of work as a party
will not be lost to the left as a whole, including their dedicated
efforts in producing and distributing Green Left Weekly.

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