Autobiographical Writing For Reality [one post-script]

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Mon Sep 9 10:22:55 MDT 2002

I do feel obligated to add this word, Mr Keaney.  The link you provided re
alleged LDS views of racial intermarriage, although dated "2001", presumably
quotes the late Spencer Kimball, a major church leader.  Problem here is
that Kimball is a good 'ways back.  There are all kinds of interracial
marriages occurring, bar none -- many right around here, right now -- in the
LDS church context.

Nothing new about that.

This is either archaic stuff -- or a fabrication.

A daughter of mine is presently involved in a serious relationship with a
young man from a well known  Anglo LDS family here in Eastern Idaho --
ranching, among other things.  The leader of the family is one of the most
pro- union labor figures in the entire state.

You may be relieved to learn that I'm scheduled to give a substantial
address to a large  Back-East  Ethical Humanist Society component in a few

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