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Nicholas Siemensma nsiemensma at
Tue Sep 10 02:19:44 MDT 2002

After seeing the press conference at which the
British-based "independent" International Institute
for Strategic Studies claimed Iraq was just months
from "nuclear capability", I thought I'd check just
how independent is IISS is.  Even those most
antipathetic to vulgar explanations of immediate
mechanistic connections between imperialism and its
cheerleaders are tempted in times like these!  Anyway,
the IISS were quite vague on questions of funding
("supported by a wide range of international bodies
and foundations"), and I didn't recognise any names
among the staff.
There was some fascinating information, though: the
director, having received a full Blue in fencing from
Oxford, is also a board member of the Aspen Institute
(that foundation for improving the "human condition"
run by a zoo of corporate and US security/state
The guy who directs the institute's program on
"fostering an international consensus on fighting the
spread of weapons of mass destruction" (ie. protecting
the weapons monopoly of imperialism) which "seeks to
strengthen transatlantic cooperation and promote
coordinated responses to threats posed by the
proliferation of nuclear chemical and biological
weapons" (ie. encourages NATO attacks) is a former
staffer of the National Security Council and the White
House, and "held various positions at the Department
of State".
Well, well.  I didn't bother checking up the rest: I
had neither the time nor the motivation anymore - we
know what the IISS really is, and I guess we should
have without even looking.

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