Sects and Real Activism

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I have problems with things Stalin and Mao did, although I would read them
and learn from their conceptions where appropriate, but I totally agree with
your last post. Most of these organisations seem innoculated from finding
answers to the 'hard' questions. I thought one of the most insightful
contributions was made by John O'Neill who said that when he was out
canvassing with the SPI in Dublin they worked on concrete difficulties
facing the electorate e.g. bin charges and the like. That's why they got a
TD and almost got another - if they stuck discussing the 1938 Transitional
Programme they would be racing the SWP in losing their deposits.

On that basis, I am a little perturbed by Brian's 'reformist' charactature
of the SSP. But then, he would characterise my organisation as
'petit-bourgeois Nationalist' perhaps so I won't waste time arguing with

Was reading a bourgeois commentary about Lenin last night - the sorts of
compromises he had to accede to, the chaos, the use of extreme forms of
violence, the focus on seizing and holding state power - it just reinforced
my view that there's too many 'Citizen Smith' type self-professed
revolutionaries out there in these sects romanticizing and parodying true
revolutionary activities and the sort of tough choices you face.

To concrete work in hand, where does the campaign against the Nice
Referendum II (Groundhog Day) stand now? John seemed to say something about
the SPI not wanting a Left Platform against the Agreement - there is quite
clearly a need for such as the campaign is being tainted by ultra-Catholic
and racist xenophobes who oppose Nice because of the impact it will have on
abortion and the potential for Eastern European immigration.

The latest surveys put support for and against Nice with 9% difference, over
40% are still undecided, so its clearly all to play for yet. But its going
to take a good campaign to deliver what will be a massive upset to the
process of EU integration and the development of a cohesive EU imperialism.
I guess with the world-saviour 'Bono' leading the Yes campaign we might get
the anti-U2 vote anyway...


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