IISS Pronouncements on Iraq

D OC donaloc at peterquinn.com
Tue Sep 10 04:43:15 MDT 2002

Nick's little research on the IISS was just what we might have expected. The
bit I found amusing was that they identified the ability of Iraq to produce
a 'dirty' weapon.

I think that any individual with even the rudiments of dealing with
explosives and radioactive materials might be capable of such an act - you
don't even need any weapons grade material - just some radioactive stuff and
attach it to a timer, explosive and detonator - (the timer is unnecessary if
its a suicide mission). Such a definition would justify bombing any country
in the world.

My goodness, the sort of stuff they are trying to put out to justify their
war of plunder is outrageous. The French imperialists are pushing for UN
mediation of any action - clearly, this is to restrict the ability of the US
and Brits to act unilaterally. The question will be whether Russia and China
are prepared to go along with it - I'm not so sure. So I suspect the US may
have to be ready to go independent of the UN - Blair is already clearing the
way with his speech today at the TU Congress about the inability of the UN
to act, blah, blah.


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