Mugabe applauded for speech

Robert Collins rrcollins75 at
Tue Sep 10 06:26:41 MDT 2002

Well of course. The petty-bourgeois nationalists
applauded Mugabe for his weak version of revolution.
Mugabe may have given the white landowners deadlines
to hand over their properties but he yas yet to fully
confiscate all their property. Mugabe has been
dragging his feet throughout this whole matter with
the exception of the land he took for himself and the
land he gave to his wife. Meanwhile Zimbabwe goes

It was J.C. Mariategui who said:
For us, anti-imperialism does not and cannot
constitute, by itself a political program for a mass
movement capable of conquering state power.
Anti-imperialism, even if it could mobilize the
nationalist bourgeoisie and petty bourgeoisie on the
side of the worker and peasant masses (and we have
already definitively denied this possibility), does
not annul class antagonisms nor suppress different
class interests.

Mugabe is a perfect example of this. If he wanted to
truly start a revolution he would confiscate all land
immediately and expel the entire white populace from
Zimbabwe. But because he's not truly a revolutionary
he will never come into conflict with the powers that
be in the west.

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