Reparation for slavery

Robert Collins rrcollins75 at
Tue Sep 10 06:27:14 MDT 2002

Am I the only one who finds this whole business of
reparations for slavery the funniest thing since, well
it's the funneist thing I've heard in a long time.

So let me get this straight. African-Americans deserve
monetary compensation for the forced labor their
ancestors had to endure. Never mind that today black
people in the U.S. constitute the richest class of
dark skinned people on the planet. Blacks in the U.S.
have benefitted from slavery in ways that their
counterparts in the Ivory Coast from which they were
taken never have. Black people in the U.S. suffer
disproportianately from heart attacks, strokes and
diabetes, a good sign they're eating tremendous
amounts of the wrong kinds of foods. Blacks in the
U.S. do not die from starvation. Even the homeless in
New York city have the luxury of eating food from the
trash of the finest restaurants in the world, giving
them more caloric intake than most people in the
world. Despite racial, sexual, and class antagonisms
in this country we are an extremely overpaid working
class benefitting from the rape and plunder of the
third world.

What would we do with the money anyway besides
purchase more FUBU, Tommy Hill, fried chicken, malt
liquor, and god knows what else. Shouldn't the
Caribbean countries affected by the slave trade be
reimbursed also. Shouldn't Puerto Rico's Bacardi
reimburse black Cubans for using their ancestors labor
as well. The black clamor for reparations is not a
revolutionary one or anti-imperialist one. It is the
worst coming out of black America from the most
aristocratic dark skinned populace on the planet. If
reparations were ever to be awarded it should be in
the form of the cancellation of the third world debt,
with no further IMF/World Bank loans and
restructuring. Of course black America will never
allow this to happen, instead we salivate over the
prospect of cashing a settlement check bigger than the
ones we get every day of their life from serving in
the imperialist army and plundering our cousins in the
third world.

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