Robert Collins' racist diatribe

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Tue Sep 10 07:18:54 MDT 2002

The comments made by Mr. Collins concerning reparations were some of
themsot ignorant and racist comments I have read on Marxmail.  I would
expect to read drivel like that in some David Horowitz article, not on

Mr. Collins, how dare you say that "blacks in the U.S. have benefitted
from slavery."  The trans-Atlantic slave trade and the resulting centuries
of chattel slavery, Jim Crow, second- or third-class citizenship, state-sanctioned
violence, and mass incarceration through the prison-industrial complex
(among other things) represent nothing short of genocide and a crime
against humanity.

I find your statements about black people in the U.S. being "the richest
class of dark skinned people on the planet" and their health problems
due to eating certain foods to be highly chauvinistic and patronizing.
 For your information there are millions of acutely hungry people in
the U.S., many of which are black.  Furthermore, diabetes, heart attacks
and other related conditions are directly related to poverty- lack of
access to nutritional food and quality (if at all) health care.

And even if not a single person in the U.S. dies of hunger, what is your
point? You can't deny that there is a type of economic apartheid in the
U.S.- one set of circumstances and opportunities largely reserved for
euro-Americans, another largely reserved for the descendants of enslaved
Africans and other people of color.  For the sake of argument, although
it does happen, but for the sake of argument let's say no black peopel
starve to death in the U.S.  Does this change the fact that the entire
economy of this country is built on the unpaid labor of enslaved Africans?
 Does this change the fact that, in reality, unpaid labor by ensalved
Africans provided the basis for the economies of the entire Western hemisphere
and the Industrial Revolution?  Does this change the fact that the basic
infrastructure of the U.S., including many of the buildings themselves
in DC which house the imperial ruling class, would not have been built
were it not for unpaid slave labor?

Of course we benefit from the plunder of the Third World, and this raises
the living standards of all, to some extent.  But come on now, are you
a regular on Marxmail (in which case, you should know better), or did
you just subscribe to make this ridiculous post?  "Overpaid working class??"
 Perhaps when compared to Third World countries, yes.  But compared to
most other so-called "industriaalized Western countries," the U.S. working
class lags far behind in wages and other benefits, and at the bottom
of this scale are black workers.  As a matter of fact, the current policies
of "free-trade" neoliberalism and "structural adjustment" hit first and
foremost those at the bottom of the economic scale, which in this country
is mostly mad eup of black and other workers of color.  Why is it that
you recognize that peopel in the U.S., in general, have a (relatively)
goo dstandard of living due to the plunder of the Third World, yet you
are unable to recognize that the most welathy segments within U.S. society
benefit tremendously and disproportionately from the subjugated economic
and politcal position of black people in "America."  I don't think there
are many black people collecting the profits from private prisons.  You
also have to recognize that since the founding of this nation, the living
standard for all peoples in general, "native born" whites or immigrants,
has been raised by having a huge pool of free, and later cheap labor
at the base of the economy without which, the curent U.S. standard of
living would not be possible.

Your comments about fried chicken and FUBU are so childish and ignorant
as to not even merit response.  In fact, that sentence makes me question
whether you are trying to make a serious point or whether you are simply
a "troll," and I'm afraid I've commited the error of feeding a troll.

Of course reparations is a complex issue.  Of course the Third World
debt needs to be cancelled and the IMF/World Bank done away with.  OF
course reparations would _not_ take the form of individual checks handed
out to people.  But your approach is so utterly simplistic and so typical
of "blame the victim" thought.  I don't like it any more than you do
that so many youth of color end up in the armed forces.  But have you
ever asked yourself why this is so, or do you actually believe that the
majority of them actually want to go and kill people in other countries?
 Ever heard of the "economic draft"- yet another legacy of slavery and
Jim Crow?

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