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Tue Sep 10 15:24:54 MDT 2002

Lasts night's TV news in Colombia was pretty interesting. After all of 
the 9/11 related hoopla - mostly about Colombians killed in the World 
Trade Center last year - they got around to the local news.

The big local story consisted of video of 1,700 mortar shells, and the 
factory that made them, and pictures of four people captured in the 
factory. The police allege that the four are FARC members, that the 
factory was a FARC munitions factory in Bogotá, that the factory was 
equipped with machinery pruchased somewhere in Eastern Europe, and that 
the polilce informants had led them tot he factory and plans for the use 
of the mortars which included blowing up 30 odd buildings in Bogotá, 
including the Presidential Palace, bank buildings and so on.

Nightly the news features masked informers being paid off by the police 
for information on the FARC. Military raids near the Atlantic coast - 
televised no less - have featured a hooded woman the military says is a 
former FARC commander - who leads the troops to the places they raid and 
the people they arrest.

Family members of many of those arrested by the Marines in the north are 
demanding to know where their arrested relatives are, how they are being 
treated, and proclaiming the innocence of those arrested - despite the 
danger to etheir own lives of being killed, kidnapped, or arrested.

Later in the news, just before the fashion news and sports, there was a 
very brief report on the one day national strike of government workers.



Louis Proyect

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