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John O'Neill johnfergaloneill at
Tue Sep 10 15:39:10 MDT 2002

Domhnall said
To concrete work in hand, where does the campaign against the Nice
Referendum II (Groundhog Day) stand now? John seemed to say something about
the SPI not wanting a Left Platform against the Agreement - there is quite
clearly a need for such as the campaign is being tainted by ultra-Catholic
and racist xenophobes who oppose Nice because of the impact it will have on
abortion and the potential for Eastern European immigration.

They (The SP) initially were reluctant to become involved but, with Coughlan
playing the Immigrant card, they changed their mind and initiated a very
successful meeting that Sean Crow TD(SF), Tony Gregory TD (Ind Socialist)
and other members of the Irish parliament attended with left groups/parties.
I was not at the meeting but I will ask Paul Moloney to give you (and anyone
else interested) a summary.

BTW did you see the RTE News report on the SIPTU special delegate
conference. 400 delegates attended of which 11 voted against a new
Partnership deal! Depressing.



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