ON the media in Oz was Re: The Two Americas, continued

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at qut.edu.au
Tue Sep 10 16:53:33 MDT 2002

These are extraordinary articles.  There would be nothing like them in the
Australian media on USA or Oz.

Here the media have changed tack along with the politicians.  At the end of
last week Howard the Prime Minister was laying great emphasis on support
for the UN and letting inspectors in. Word must have come through from
Washington that they were going in, for the tone from the pollies and the
media has changed totally.  Now we are being told by a whole crowd of
academics and experts that this is a crisis of the UN and that the USA will
be forced to act if the UN fails.

What interests me in a horrified way are the academics that are trotted
out.  Where do they get them from? They teach mainly at the Australian
National University.  But how do they know of them?  who makes these
decisions?  Who writes the news broadcasters announcements that say Iraq
steps up the propaganda war and totally refuses to discuss the Pentagon
propaganda as propaganda?

It is all so obviously a conspiracy where the principal actors know their
roles to perfection.

Last night the TV was full of 9/11 stuff and I turned it off in protest.  I
feel deeply for those who were killed, but I am sickened to my heart at the
sight of Giuliani and Bush making capital out of the tragedy. At least
Giuliani was able to play the role of the bourgeois hero - while the
Commander in Chief scuttled panic stricken from lair to lair.



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