Anger at U.S. Said to Be at New High

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Wed Sep 11 05:38:46 MDT 2002

>From today's New York Times

Anger at U.S. Said to Be at New High

CAIRO, Sept. 10 - Anger at the United States, embedded in the belief that
the Bush administration lends unstinting support to Israel at the expense of
the Palestinians, is at an unparalleled high across the Arab world,
according to analysts and diplomats in the region.

The resolve of President Bush to use force against Iraq, they say, compounds
the antagonism, which is expressed with particularly unvarnished dismay in
Egypt and neighboring Jordan, Washington's crucial Arab allies.

More than in previous bouts of anti-Americanism in the region, the anger
permeates all strata of society, especially among the educated, and is
tinged, people acknowledge, with disillusionment at their own
long-entrenched American-backed leadership.


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