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Wed Sep 11 05:53:43 MDT 2002

from In Defence of Marxism, September 10, 2002
"Report on Iraq: Why let the facts spoil a good story?"

"The report by the International Institute for Strategic Studies
(IISS) is amost striking proof of this old saying that the first
casualty of war is always the truth. It is being presented by the war
party in Washington andTony Blair as conclusive "proof" that Saddam
Hussein is just "months away" from launching a nuclear bomb." By Fred
Weston. (September 10, 2002)

John Cox

Chapel Hill, NC

This Week in History:

Sept  9, 1971 Prisoners' revolt in Attica, NY

Sept 11, 1973 Chile's democratic gov't overthrown by CIA-engineered coup,
installing Pinochet dictatorship

Sept 12, 1918 Eugene V. Debs sentenced to 10 yrs in prison for anti-war

Sept 12, 1924 Amilcar Cabral born

Sept 13, 1977 Steven Biko dies in police custody

Sept 14, 1927 Isadora Duncan dies

Sept 15, 1963 bombing of 16th St. Baptist Church, Birmingham, kills four girls


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