Patricio Guzmán's "The Pinochet Case."

Ed George edgeorge at
Wed Sep 11 06:23:10 MDT 2002

With reference to 'el caso Pinochet', while Spanish judge Baltazar
Garzón may indeed have played the role of 'judicial hero' (even if, as I
suspect, the whole affair was a diversionary tactic on the part of the
Spanish and British governments to take people's minds off dirtier
dealings closer to home; after all, a legal process focused on the
leaders of the 1973 coup which doesn't deal with those in the US State
Department who put them up to it rather misses the point), don't forget
that it is the very same Baltazar Garzón -- a one-time candidate for and
current supporter of the hypercentralist Spanish Socialist Party -- who
is at the fore of the Spanish state's general legal offensive against
Basque nationalism in all its hues, and concretely is spearheading the
current process of illegalisation directed at the radical Basque
nationalists of Batasuna today.

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