html posts to marxism now go to trash

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Wed Sep 11 08:15:16 MDT 2002

>lou, i'll use the time instead to get the stuff moved
>to hans' server.
>les schaffer

Just a reminder why we don't accept html posts. Not only do they increase
the number of bytes transmitted to the list dramatically (thereby raising
the costs of maintaining Marxmail and phone connect costs for our 3rd world
subscribers), they are not handled well in the digest. For AOL subscribers,
this is a bit of a hassle since 'plain text' is not easily selectable. But
Les figured out how to manage this, if you want to post to the list. Just
contact him or me. For those using Eudora, Netscape mail, Outlook Express
or any other software which downloads your messages to your PC, selecting
'plain text' is very straightforward. For example, in Eudora you go to
tools/options/styled text and select "send plain text only".

Louis Proyect

PLEASE clip all extraneous text before replying to a message.

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