Response to David McReynolds on endorsing October 26 national antiwar protest called by ANSWER, IAC

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Wed Sep 11 11:20:58 MDT 2002

I think I disagree sharply with David McReynolds' opposition to endorsing
the October 26 demonstration against the war with Iraq called for by Answer
and International Action Center.
He writes: "This is the same tired old Workers World group. Surely we can do
better than endorse their action."

 One measure of whether
"we" (what is the definition of a "we" that excludes Workers World,
I wonder? Is it everyone in the world except Workers World, every one
against the war except Workers World, or is some other dividing line being
drawn?) can "do better" is our capacity  that we sieze the opportunities
that are  in front of us.

An antiwar action has been scheduled for Washington DC on October 26.  It is
actually possible that the U.S. will already be at war in that time, but
surely another major demonstration will be needed about that time.

I think the existing coalitions and groups should all "do better" than
World or anybody else could possibly do alone by building this action,
attempting to make speakers lists and broader and more inclusive, and
their own contingents, signs, slogans, chants, and political literature.

It will be very difficult to create new, inclusive, broad coalitions between
now and that date (it took more about two months to put together the core of
the  coalition
that built the modest-sized but politically extremely important and  vitally
necessary September 8 protest in New York City -- a genuine act of defiance
of the utterly false "national unity" being imposed on the country in the
name of  the special importance and special martyrdom of "our" American

 I think that to effectively boycott the October 26 action because one
objects to
Workers World in the name of one or another "we" is, in the given
circumstances, to subordinate the fight against the war to sectarian

The road to a broad, inclusive antiwar movement begins with acting together
to support the actions that are before us. Building the October 26
demonstration under these circumstances  will aid us in our efforts to "do
better" not only than Workers World but than all of us have done in the

Meanwhile, I hope to see everyone at the protest against Bush's war speech
tomorrow (Thursday, Sept. 12) at the United Nations, 9:30-1, Dag
Hammarskjold Plaza, 47th and
Second Avenue (that's the only available entrance, apparently).
Fred Feldman
Fred Feldman
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> This is the same tired old Workers World group - surely we can do better
> endorse their action.
> David McReynolds
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>  Should we endorse?
>  with a joint action in San Francisco
>  *** To ENDORSE the Call to Action, go to
>  The Bush administration is rushing towards war. The time
>  to act is now. The people of the United States can stop
>  this madness.
>  World public opinion and almost every government opposes
>  Bush's planned war of aggression.  But it will take a mass
>  peoples' movement--in the streets, workplaces,
>  communities, campuses and high schools--to stop the coming
>  war.
>  On Saturday, October 26, 2002 -- the first anniversary of
>  the signing of the so-called Patriot Act -- anti-war,
>  civil rights, labor, student and other forces are joining
>  together to launch a massive international mobilization in
>  opposition to a new war against the people of Iraq. Mass
>  marches and rallies will be held in Washington DC and San
>  Francisco in the U.S., and in many other countries.
>  As the Bush administration violates international law it
>  has been systematically engaged in a campaign of division
>  and repression in the United States including a wholesale
>  assault on the Bill of Rights, institutionalization of
>  racial profiling, and aggregation of near dictatorial
>  powers to the Executive branch.
>  In articulating the so-called doctrine of preemptive war,
>  the Bush administration is preparing to violate all
>  existing international law and the UN charter which
>  forbids countries to carry out war except in the case of
>  self-defense. Preemption is merely a slogan to justify a
>  foreign policy of armed aggression and military adventure.
>  Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz and company are planning
>  to send tens of thousands of young GIs to kill and be
>  killed in another war for Big Oil. Simultaneously, the
>  Bush Administration is diverting billions of dollars to
>  feed military conquest and away from jobs, education,
>  healthcare, childcare and housing.
>  The so-called debate that is opening now to public view
>  from within the political establishment presents a
>  necessity for all anti-war forces to become a major factor
>  in generating an authentic opposition to U.S. war plans in
>  the Middle East. The October 26 National March in
>  Washington DC and joint action in San Francisco come just
>  one week before midterm Congressional elections.
>  There won't be a real national debate on a planned
>  invasion of Iraq until the people are in the streets. We
>  can't leave it to the military establishment to decide
>  when and how they will go to war and to define the debate.
>  We must tell Bush and his corporate and Big Oil patrons
>  that we will not allow this to happen.
>  This war can be stopped. Bush, Rumsfeld, Cheney, Wolfowitz
>  and company can be stopped.  But the essential element
>  must be the mobilization of a massive new anti-war
>  movement in the streets. We call for civilians and
>  soldiers alike to exercise their political right to speak
>  out against an illegal war. On October 26, there will be a
>  National March in Washington DC, a West Coast march in San
>  Francisco, and protests around the world.
>  JOIN US ON OCTOBER 26, 2002!
>  *** To ENDORSE the Call to Action, go to
> 4 DVDs Free +s&p Join Now

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