Response to David McReynolds on endorsing October 26 national antiwar protest called by ANSWER, IAC

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Wed Sep 11 11:51:33 MDT 2002

--- Fred  Feldman <ffeldman at> wrote:
> I think I disagree sharply with David McReynolds' opposition to
> endorsing
> the October 26 demonstration against the war with Iraq called for by
> Answer
> and International Action Center.
> He writes: "This is the same tired old Workers World group. Surely we
> can do
> better than endorse their action."

After the crap McReynolds published after April 20, I've become
convinced that the only reason he opposes these actions is plain old
sectarianism. 75,000 people (at least) pour out into Washington DC to
rally for justice for Palestine, and this is a BAD thing? Only because
ANSWER/IAC are behind it? There's a badly-needed anti-war demonstration
being called, and the fact that ANSWER/IAC are behind it is reason to
oppose it? WTF?

While I have serious issues with WWP's politics, there can be no
denying that they're one of the few "socialist" groups that genuinely
try to build things bigger than they are. The IAC, largely WWP-backed,
has been an incredibly positive force on the Left, and I continue to
work with them for that reason.

I hope McReynolds moves beyond his petty jealousy/sectarianism and
helps to build events like the ones called by ANSWER and the IAC.


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