Patricio Guzmán's "The Pinochet Case."

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In some circles, 'el caso Pinochet' is known as “el fracaso del caso

Viewers should make up their own minds about Guzmán's documentaries.
I think they are monumental and profound, incisive and provocative.
Nothing about that period can compare to “La Batalla de Chile.”
The most recent of his works is one chapter.
Many of the players live still on the streets and in the suites of
Chile.  Many were tortured to death.
Guzmán offers a testament.  
And a relic of hope.
But ample grounds for our determination.

Ironically, Guzmán's epics are not in the Blockbuster (“bloke-booster”)
video stores in Chile  --even though when Rupert Murdoch’s pay-for-view
movie channel showed “La Batalla de Chile” over a series of nights in
the Spring of 2000 (October, if I recall), it broke all records there.

Guzmán's films are also hard to find in the USA.  That is not so ironic.

You can try the local university library, but chances are that you will
be restricted to viewing the pricey movies in the library.

If you are wealthy or are in collective, here’s the price list from the
last time I checked:

The Battle for Chile, La Batalla de Chile
273 minutes, 3 Parts, $775
Part I, 100 min.: “The Insurrection of the Bourgeoisie”
Part II, 91 min.: “The Coup d’État”
Part III, 82 min.: “The Power of the People”: positives on Allende

Parts I & II are $490; Part III $285

Obstinate Memory, Chile: La Memoria Ostinada
(sequel) 52 min., $390

Available from First Run/Icarus Films

Ref.:     Latin American Video Archives (LAVA)
124 Washington Place
New York, NY 10014
Ph.: (212)463-0108
FAX: (212)243-2007
Imre at

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